The Dutch singer Marco Borsato once had a number 1 hit called ‘Most dreams are cheats’ (1995). Well, in my opinion dreams are not cheats, but valuable and even necessary. I have experienced this during my concert Il mio Sogno which took place on Thursday 19 March 2015 in Theatre La Bonbonnière in the Dutch city Maastricht. For me it was an unforgettable moment where I had been looking forward to for many years. I was at my best. My long lasting dream finally became reality.

The music took me up the moment and showed me my life dream on stage. Music and life as well as music and love for me are the same thing. Music is the Love of my Life. We have, I think, precisely in these times music. Where music sounds, we hear the universal language of the heart, which everyone understands. I'm glad my musical dream also struck my audience in a heartwarming manner.

The heartwarming reactions after Il mio Sogno have deeply touched me and have strengthened to look forward to a new dream. I’m very gratefull to have been able to present my personal opera theatre and that so many people followed me in my musical world. A concert is only a concert when there is an audience. A dream is only worth it when you’ve lived it through and through. Il mio Sogno was all this and ... much more.